We team spend a great deal of time in Surrey carrying out all kinds of tree survey services. Our consultants regularly carry out BS5837 tree surveys, impact assessments, method statements, site monitoring and reports for mortgage applications.

The team in Surrey consists of some very experienced tree surveyors. Between them, they have decades of experience and have helped clients achieve planning permission for thousands of projects.

Our Projects in Surrey

Here’s just one example of the kind of tree survey project carried out in the Surrey area recently:

BS5837 Tree Survey, Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement for a Client in Guildford

Our client wanted to obtain planning permission to erect a number of dwellings on a large piece of land they owned. As this land had trees adjacent to it, a tree survey was needed. We carried out the BS5837 survey which also includes a tree constraints plan. We provided a clear report that showed that tree canopies and root protection areas encroached onto the clients development. This meant that further surveys were needed.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

The next scope of work for our client in Surrey was an arboricultural impact assessment. This is a written assessment which determines the effect that a development would have on existing trees. It is done in the form of a report which shows visually how the trees on the site would impact the development. Along with this report, we wrote a commentary which explained how the impact of trees on the development could be dealt with.

Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan

Our clients local authority wanted to see a drawing and statement to explain how good quality trees were going to be protected. We are no stranger to this process so got to work on our method statement and tree protection plan. We worked closely with the client and the local planning authority so that we could create the most cost effective, efficient report possible.

The End Result

Our high quality, efficient reports made it possible for our client in Surrey to obtain planning permission and make the most of the land they had purchased to develop on. Construction is currently underway and our client was happy with our fast, efficient tree surveying services.

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